3 Hidden Ways To Expand Your Social Media Reach

Online reviews are a pathway to better Social Media Marketing

If you’re a business and you are trying to grow your social media population, there are a few hidden ways that are often overlooked but should be seriously considered in every social media campaign. This blog will touch on these 3 crucial issues from the perspective of customer outreach and online reviews. Consider social media as not just Facebook, but Twitter, Pinterest. Consider your online reviews as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what you do, and how your customers see you. These online reviews give you a chance to share with the world customer experiences that are not just positive, but can be used as incredible marketing material. When someone speaks good about your business, everyone should know it. So here are three hidden opportunities to expand your social media.

Every good review is a marketing opportunity!

So as these reviews come in about your business, these customers are sharing their recommendations about your business. This is an actual review with a real customer, leaving comments, along with who they are and in some instances a photograph. These customers are in your community, in your service area where your other customers are! What better marketing could there ever be than that? These customer reviews are posted on the public domain which brings us to our next hint…

Add these reviews to your website

Did you know that you can add online reviews with an online review widget? You can display all of your best reviews directly on your website as a feed. This gives customers coming to your website incredible examples of your business. Nothing is more impressive than seeing online reviews that are true, from real people that are sometimes their neighbors. Rating Bee has an online review widget as part of the service to allow all of your best reviews to be displayed on your business website. It’s a no brainer, get your Review widget here and your free business listing here.

Bad reviews are still a marketing opportunity

We’ve seen some businesses actually putting on their signs outside of their store… “Come and try the worst burger in Chicago” as reviewed by Susan. It was absolutely brilliant, they took that sign and posted it on social media for the world to see and was trending giving their business free traffic. That is taking their power back from a bad review and using it for something positive. We encourage all businesses to do the same, take back your power and begin serving customers with confidence.

A customer leaving a bad review about your business is a chance for you to not only improve, but also to demonstrate to the general public that you’re willing to make changes, get better, and solve customer issues. Every business that receives these reviews can publicly display their commitment to customer service issues, and to the continual improvement on going of their services.

If you can solve customer issues publicly so everyone can see that each issue is resolved and that reviews are changed for better online scores, customers not only appreciate your commitment.  Your customers will also be assured of being treated with fairness and issues will be solved in the same way as your other customers. Your customers will shop with confidence and  will always be satisfied. You can take all of these public resolutions to issues and use them as marketing opportunities to be added to your social media. Post it!

Rating Bee gives you the opportunity to solve customer issues and get better reviews online. And as we’ve said above, you’ll also get your review widget as part of your service. Sign up for your free listing for your business here

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