3 Ways To Make Your Online Reviews Count

What really motivates an online review

What motivates you as a customer to leave a review? Are you excited about an experience or a great meal? Is the review a passionate response to a poor customer service issue, or a meal that just was not as expected? The great part of online reviews is to share our experiences with others. BUT…. What if we could do more with our opinions and actually make a greater impact in the long run for the business and your review community? Here are 3 hints on how to make that happen…

With every review, always ask for a response from the business, especially a bad review.

If you have left a good online review

So you’ve taken the time to write a review about a business, did the company respond to your good review? How do you know if anyone has even seen it, other than it showing up in the list?

Rating Bee makes sure that businesses listed with us are responding to every review, good or bad, taking steps to communicate with customers like you. When you leave a review about a business, we make sure the business knows about it.

OR, a bad online review

If you’ve left a bad review, did the business take the time to ensure that you are answered and that your issue is solved? On some major review sites, how do you know that the business even cares if they don’t respond to your bad review? The whole idea of being in business is to ensure that your customers are happy and if they’re not responding and not solving customer issues, then that’s a business that you may not want to frequent. At Rating Bee, all businesses receive reviews good or bad, we make sure that the business understands that solving customer issues is the priority, and customer communication is especially important when there’s an issue. If a business does not respond and communicate with their customers, it reflects on their score and ratings. When you Review a business with Rating Bee, your reviews get responses.

Write online reviews and offer suggestions for improvement, don’t just flame the business.

Did your review change anything?

This is the most important part of everything that Rating Bee does. When you leave a review for a business, the whole idea is to make that business better and improve that business overtime with recommendations ongoing as businesses strive to solve issues one at a time. Every business wants to solve your review to get better and avoid those bad reviews. On other review sites, when you leave suggestions or a bad review how do you know it’s ever solved? Most of the time it’s canned responses from the business. Rating Bee guides and facilitates responses to EVERY review, business just get better for you.

Change the online review industry, review the business with Rating Bee and follow the progress of the business

Would you like to make sure that every time you make a review it actually has an impact?

At Rating Bee, your review helps change the business in a positive direction and you are updated on their progress ongoing, NOT just a response of “We’re so sorry”. Now you’re a part of the improvement of that business even if it’s a bad review. You make businesses better! Try a review engine that is different from any other, we focus on making sure that your issues are handled and that your reviews matter and are responded to. Don’t just leave an online review that has no impact on other review websites, leave a review that can contribute to the improvement of the business in the long run!

Leave an online review for a business here.

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