A Bad Review costs money, this Review Cost Calculator shows how much

What online reviews cost is often overlooked as it was not even known by the review industry, until now. Even the big boys of the online review websites focus on just reviews and scores. Knowing the cost per online review is so important for you as a business owner, but also imagine if a customer knows the impact of their damaging reviews! We go further that any review website has gone… Now you have a way to calculate cost per review!  Online Review Cost Calculator – Click here to try it. 

Measure the cost of every online customer review, good or bad

Simply enter your annual income, your number of reviews and your current rating, we display the cost per review up or down, good or bad. In addition, we calculate the number of reviews needed to get to 5 stars and in the worst case scenario how many stars to 1. Although calculating the lower rating is not preferred, it is a guide to demonstrate the loss in income if reviews are not managed well.

The future of online reviews have changed with the Review Cost Calculator

Customers will see the lasting impact of both negative and positive reviews. We are excited to integrate our new Review Cost Calculator into all reviews for every business profile listed at Rating BEE available this summer. This will allow your customers to be part of the success as your business. We also believe that customers are more inclined to give you as a business a second chance at getting their customer service issue solved. Once they are shown the full impact of a damaging review we believe they will consider a resolution.

Customer Review tools that go beyond just information

Rating Bee was created to allow you the opportunity to get better as a business and bring the customer issue to your attention for prompt settlement. Better reviews for you, more revenue. Nice.

These review tools are here to improve your business and to help in understanding that EVERY review is an opportunity to improve your business.

 You can begin using the Online Review Cost Calculator now! Click here to try it.

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