A second chance for a GOOD review

Here’s an interesting concept, let’s imagine that a small business opens its doors, and for the first few months they’re working out the kinks on how the business will run, how to give dedicated customer service, how to lock down that menu and deliver consistent meals all while juggling hiring and training staff. Those first few months are crucial in the development of the business in the long run. Granted, having new customers flowing into the door and giving them the best experience possible is the goal, but when you’re starting out it’s sometimes difficult to get it exactly right every time until the management and the staff gets everything down to a science.

Consistency, especially in the food service industry is no easy task. This is where it’s absolutely crucial for a business to pay very close attention to what’s happening with their customers, and most importantly how they are being reviewed online. And for patrons visiting these new businesses, can we say we should give the business a chance? Can we say that we don’t flame the business with a bad review on the first experience? Can we give that business an opportunity to demonstrate that they’re capable of consistency and longevity in your community? We at Rating Bee say that every business should be given that chance and a second chance.

Here’s another thought, imagine early in life as a young adult, you may not have made the most sound choices financially and you’ve made mistakes with your spending or student loan debt. If things didn’t go as planned, your bad credit doesn’t stay with you forever, after 7 years you can get a fresh start, barring bankruptcy. We wonder… what if small businesses had the same opportunity? What if bad reviews can stay for a period of 1 year. Can a business improve over time?

Rating Bee says yes. Businesses get better as they hone their skills by offering the best representation of the original design modeled for that business. We say, let’s give every small business the opportunity and wipe out bad reviews. After so many months (6–12) an automated request goes out via email to the reviewer and asks if they want to change their review, or remove it. If they choose nothing or do not respond, the review will be removed and the business gets a second chance.

As Reviewers, we suggest returning to that business and giving them a try again, consider it a civic duty for the community! We have a feeling that on that second visit you will see improvement and your updated review will not be as harsh!

Allow a business to grow beyond its beginnings. There’s a better way to review business, join us by sharing your favorite businesses and reviewing them fairly, give small businesses an opportunity to solve your issues with resolutions that will help you and your local community in the long run. Start reviewing at Rating Bee.

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