Are you a small business with bad reviews?

In a time when literally anyone can be a critic and can take to the internet to compose a review of your business; what’s a Small Business to do?

Online reviews have become crucial in deciding whether or not to use a business. According to Nielsen, 82% of consumers check review sites when they want to buy a service or product. 89% make a purchase within one week of visiting a review site, and 29% will make the purchase the same day. So, there is a lot of weight held in your stars. To be more precise; your revenue can increase 5–9% with every star you gain, and a 1 Star review could cost a business around 30 customers.

When small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms (according to the U.S. Small Business Administration) and since 1995 small businesses have generated 64% of new jobs and paid 44% of the private U.S. payroll, you would think that more people would want to support small businesses, instead of criticise. American Express has made their support public by creating Small Business Saturday, and the movement of Shop Small. Small businesses are needed. They contribute to local economies, bringing growth and employing people who might not be employable by larger corporations. As well as contributing to local taxes which gives more money to police, fire departments and schools. Small businesses are necessary. They deserve to have someone in their corner. A level playing field for times when the customer may not be right.

What can they do, you ask? On top of doing good work, hiring the right people, firing the right people, staying on top of their social media presence… and maintaining great customer service; there is a place they can go that will help lots of different businesses in multiple ways. actually makes it possible for a local coffee shop to publicly resolve a bad review on another site, and the painting contractor to research a big construction company before working with them, and a restaurant to write a review of the food distribution company they worked with for other restaurants to hear of their experience. Real support for real businesses.

A nail salon living in fear of getting run out of business by the neighborhood Mommie group will be a thing of the past.

A photographer having to take a bride and groom to court to get her business back, after they destroy her on the internet, can be avoided.

Not only does Rating Bee help businesses, it helps the clients too. Clients can research a businesses’ reviews from the perspective of the client and their peers in some cases. As well as initiate public resolutions with a business directly. is a fair place to research, and review businesses, as well as resolve negative reviews from other sites.

No bullying. No expensive advertising that doesn’t produce results. No ridiculous algorithm that conveniently doesn’t post your good reviews. Just a fair review site to help every small business and their clients.

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