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FAQ -Our most asked questions

We are very happy to offer our Listing and Review Services to your business for FREE!

We believe that every business should have a chance to build a reputation online and get better reviews.

We do offer additional tools which will enhance your online presence. These packages will allow you to update and manage reviews from multiple review sites such as Google, Yelp, Travelocity and Rating Bee. 

Lots of marketing features, ALL included, starting at $50 per month

  • Reputation Dashboard – for all Reviews and Marketing
  • Manage reviews – Yelp, Google, Facebook & More
  • Get Resolutions from customers
  • Review Display Widget – Gets more customers
  • Business Listings Manager – Submits website
  • Business SEO Power Listing – All major Search Engines
  • SEO Power Distribution – All major directories
  • Business Mentions – Online and in Social Media
  • Social Media Manager – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
  • Premium Phone Support

Are there any contracts?

Getting your business listed is always Free. We do have paid packages for more SEO, online reviews and exposure. These marketing packages and services are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. We do however offer for one full year for a 10 month price.

We have written several articles on fixing a bad online review

In many of these Online review articles we make it very clear that you don’t need to panic, we give you actionable suggestions on how to solve any issue with an unhappy customer to get things right.

Here is an article on “How to fix Bad Online Reviews“.

When a bad review is written, we reach out to the reviewer and request a resolution on your behalf. Know this: even if an unhappy customer leaves you a bad online review, their review if not resolved by our Resolution Services stay visible for no more than one year. The reviewer must return and renew that bad review. If they do not, it’s removed from your account. BAM!

To report a listing, review or a member

Rating Bee supports the online review community and take it very seriously. If for any reason you find a listing or a comment that is no appropriate, please alert the support staff immediately and we will investigate the issue. Find the inappropriate content on the listing page and report it as seen on the image above. This keeps our Online Review community focus on relevant online reviews!

We offer advertising opportunities for the Rating Bee homepage and listing pages placement

Instead of paying per click, we have a low monthly payment to fit your budget and get you at the very top of the listings in your area. Find out more on our pricing page.