How Businesses Handle Customer Reviews

Hard Stats on Customers Reviews

You’ll notice that we’ve written several blogs around the subject of customer reviews. Clearly, we find this is one of the areas that businesses can improve their overall revenue and customer service.

I’ve gathered together some excerpts from an amazing article written by Andrew Hutchinson. See his full article here.

To glean more insight, the team from ZenBusiness recently commissioned a survey of over 1,000 people, “including 352 employees responsible for monitoring business reviews and 698 consumers who’ve posted at least one public review in the past year”, in order to get a better understanding of why people post reviews, how they use them, and how brands are adjusting to monitor and address any issues.

So let’s point out a few things within this infographic that we should pay close attention to:

The impact of customer reviews on businesses

For overall business success, you are looking at 30%, overall profit 26% and most importantly, attracting new clients and customers 23.9%. That’s huge, especially for small businesses struggling with increasing revenue. And if 98% of customers are saying that reviews are influential when deciding which business to frequent, it’s clear that paying attention to customer reviews is an absolute must.

Incoming business feedback

An important graphic is the number of reviews to which businesses respond:

We stress the importance of responding to absolutely every online review your customers leave you, whether it’s good or bad. You’ll notice that only 11.9% of businesses actually respond to every review. What’s also important is if you look at attracting new customers is 23.9%, it clearly shows that every review should be responded to.

Handling criticism

This section however gives us hope that businesses will actually try to resolve the issues for the customer, at Rating Bee, we focus on the resolution. Are you one of those 48.6% of businesses that will solve customer issues? We will show you an easy way to manage all of those reviews in one place and allow you to fix any customer issues. Signup and get listed on Rating Bee Review Engine Free and start fixing and solving customer issues.

Customers bad behavior

Granted, 77.8% the businesses believe that customers abuse a business’s desire to keep them happy, but frankly, as a small business looking to increase revenue, it is the path to keeping those customers and adding to your bottom line.

Enjoy this info graphic courtesy of ZenBusines and Andrew Hutchinson. See his full article here

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