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In the last few posts, we focused on the good and bad review websites and what to avoid. But with everything else in life and business, they are part of the necessary marketing steps that every small business should consider. Today, we will focus on the top five websites you should get your business listed on. You’ll need to go into each website and claim your business to take advantage of the free listing. It gives you a chance to see what customers are saying about your business. Then, if you find any bad reviews, you can reach out to that customer and resolve the problem using the Rating Bee resolution engine with each one of these websites. When claiming your listing, be sure to always have consistent information. Make sure to have the correct contact info, the location of the business, hours of operation and provide easy opportunities for the customers to communicate with your customer service reps.

It’s time for spring cleaning of your reviews!

Our list

Google My Business

Google gets 158 million views. Granted, not for your specific city. But in total, it’s huge. By far, this is the most important business listing you can have for your business. It’s important to keep in mind that whenever someone does a local search, Google business provides listings with reviews directly in the search results. Signup here

Facebook reviews

Social media websites like Facebook account for a huge population of reviews. As a small business, companies can create business profiles giving their customers an opportunity to leave business reviews directly within the platform. Having a Facebook page for your business is one of those necessities every business should consider. Signup here

Yelp reviews

Yelp gets about 40 million visitors and although it’s not as big as Google reviews, it has grown to be incredibly popular. We’ve written a few blogs about Yelp that we recommend you review. While they’re not liked by many, it’s still a requirement for a small business online. Get yourself listed by claiming your listing and start communicating with your customers straight away. Fix those bad reviews by posting a resolution through Score Client on Yelp and show your customer you are there to solve their issues. Signup here

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages sounds like it’s from the stone age, but it is still a viable site with 10 million visitors. Their listings are borrowed on occasion by some of the larger search engines. This is why it would be beneficial for you to get listed. We suggest taking advantage of their free account. Signup here

Rating Bee

We’ve written this post specifically for the purpose of using Rating Bee to resolve your bad reviews on all of the sites listed above. Rating Bee gives you the opportunity to fix those bad reviews. If you really want to clean up those negative reviews, and at the same time demonstrate your commitment to customer service; then claim your business and get started generating resolutions that you can post on all of the above platforms.

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