Marketing Secrets For Painting Contractors Competing With CertaPro

Can a small business really compete with the CertaPros of the world?

How can a small painting company be able to compete with larger companies like CertaPro or even smaller ones that are big fish in a small pond?

The bigger companies will have more money for advertising, and have more employees; so how would it be possible to compete with these larger companies?

Having more money for advertising definitely helps, but what are your other strategies?

  • Have lots of positive online reviews
  • Make sure all of your business listings are accurate
  • Make frequent and consistent posts on social media
  • Quickly respond to all your online reviews
  • Have significantly more positive reviews than negative ones
  • Have your SEO dialed in
  • Advertise as much as possible

All of these are doable; but how many small painters can squeeze all of that into their day when they have jobs to manage, bids to write up, painters to manage, payroll, and a life … it’s a lot of work.  How can a smaller painting company compete with the likes of CertaPro when they have far more resources?

Rating Bee has solutions to online reviews and marketing for your business.

They are a review site like no other. They actually help small businesses instead of taking advantage of them.

Rating Bee has a new, revolutionary search engine that will compile and average a businesses online ratings together, so you get the most accurate ratings of a business. Then they go even further to help you resolve negative reviews with your customers. Turning negative reviews into positive ones.

Manage social media easily along with online reviews

As if that wasn’t enough, they have an easy to use dashboard that allows you to manage all of your Social Media, SEO, optimize your business listings, see what your customers are looking at online, and sync your business profile with over 50 different search engines and directories with the push of a button. They even give you a FREE online review business report to show you how your business is viewed online.

Yelp is not doing small business any favors

Many business owners feel taken advantage of by those other review sites. Between the ridiculous algorithms, false negative reviews from competitors, positive reviews that are never seen, and the relentless sales teams trying to get you to pay for advertising, it feels like a money making scheme!

You won’t find any of that at Rating Bee. When Rating Bee was developed, we had all of that in mind when we created a fair review site. If it seems as though one of the founders WAS the owner of a small painting company! That’s because he is. The founders of Rating Bee are real small business owners that were fed up with the injustice in the online review world. Tired of being taken advantage of by review sites; they came up with a site that will actually help small businesses AND their customers.

If you own a small business, you need Rating Bee.

Using their services will clean up your reviews, dial in how you are seen online, creating more revenue, and more time for you to actually run your business. And… It also feels good to stick it to other review sites too.

With affordable plans to start fixing online reviews and begin marketing your business, Rating Bee has packages starting at $19/ month, you can’t afford not to!

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