One Review, One Star… Crushed!

Spring repairs for the home have come around again and it’s time to get some electrical work done. Granted, I’m one of the bloggers here at Rating Bee, so I know how this whole review thing works and how to search for a contractor. So, I do a quick search on Google and cycle through the search results for an electrician. Google goes out and gathers the most relevant results from Google business and displays them based on location and ratings. From this list, I can choose from one of the better contractors in our area. Sadly, I noticed one particular contractor that stood out. Because I work here, I know how to spot those small businesses with review issues, inconsistent contact information, no website, no online customer communication with their clients and no social media involvement. I happened to notice this poor contractor that had ONE review and it’s an ONE STAR. He is showing up in the top 20 in my area, yet he will never be chosen by anyone searching for an electrical contractor because of that ONE review.

This is a very important subject. You may think that reviews don’t matter to some businesses, but you can clearly see that if you don’t pay attention to your reviews, you’re cooked. I can easily assume that this poor guy tries his hardest to do his best for his clients, and he probably does not even know that he’s been reviewed and was crushed by one customer with that one single review. He will lose a lot of potential customers from that search. It’s nuts, there has to be someone looking out for small businesses like him.

Don’t be complacent when it comes to reviews, check the five major review websites from our last blog, bookmark them and set up an account to claim your business to ensure that you’re always protected and that you are alerted when someone writes a bad review. You should always be able to respond and see it as an opportunity to correct an issue! Don’t be like this contractor; protect your reputation. Here’s a link to the last few blogs. Do yourself a favor and go through it and claim your business on each one of the services we have listed.

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