Online Ratings Calculator – See what Ratings really cost your business


For the first time ever, we’ve developed on Online Ratings Calculator allowing you to clearly see income possibilities for your business with improved ratings. At Rating Bee, we have shared online rating and review secrets in countless review blogs and phone conversations with businesses just like yours, but because ratings are so foreign to the actual daily functions of many businesses, it’s hard for a business owner to grasp its importance, much less the time to learn.

If I say your business can gain revenue by improving your ratings, there’s no visual data that demonstrates that statement. Well now there is, now you’ll be able to see firsthand and test it out yourself. With this calculator, now you’ll know the direct impact on getting better ratings.

Each additional star makes you that much more revenue? Really?

8% up or down in revenue is huge for your business, there’s a cost to every review that’s left on your profile on Yelp, Google and Rating Bee, as it counts towards your overall rating score. So as an example: You currently have a rating of 4 STARS, using the Ratings Calculator, you can put in your amount of revenue annually, your rating score and the calculator will compile the results instantly showing you what you could be making or losing annually.

Every star below my current rating is a revenue loss? Yes!

It’s one thing to know how your revenue will improve, it’s an entirely new discussion when it comes to losing revenue because of not maintaining your online ratings. This tool also gives you a visual estimation of what happens when online ratings are ignored. How much revenue are you losing on a monthly basis because your online reputation is not being monitored? As a business owner you need to know this, and this ratings calculator will help you do that. It’s time to maintain your online ratings.

Online ratings are no joke, you’re losing money if you don’t know

One of the biggest hazards about the online review industry is that many small businesses are blindsided by these bad reviews. It’s understandable, you’re running your business and yet people are tagging your business with bad reviews, sometimes it can be absolutely daunting. What you don’t know can and will hurt you, Rating Bee helps you to be in the know, we give you tools to manage your online reviews yourself. Let’s get to it!

Know what you don’t know about your online ratings

It should also be understood that this ratings calculator, although it’s a good estimator on business revenue, it can’t be used as a single tool to help your ratings. Knowing this information is wonderful, but implementing a plan along with this information is powerful.

Let this calculator be a motivator for better online ratings, and as one of the many Premium review tools we offer to help improve your business ratings and skyrocket your revenue.

Know what you don’t know about your online ratings

The Online Review secrets are:

  1. Know what you don’t know, use the calculator to see the possibilities for better revenue.
  2. Get listed on Rating Bee Review Website and start getting more traffic
  3. Make your online profile public for Reviews and Resolutions
  4. Communicate with your customers and solve any issues using the online review and resolution engine
  5. Respond to EVERY REVIEW, good and bad
  6. Use Rating Bee Pro Listings to manage reviews for all the major review sites
  7. Market and submit your business with consistent information from one place
  8. Most importantly, continue to manage your rating, it’s the key to improved revenue

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