Reviews for your business? With what time?

It’s worth taking the time to manage your customer reviews

As a business owner, it can be overwhelming and discouraging maintaining a healthy online presence. There are so many different things required of you in addition to running your business. No matter what your business is; you still must be tech savvy enough to handle all of your online reviews, maintain your website, social media, SEO, advertising, and business listings. It’s like having to do another full time job on top of running your company!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average business owner works an average of 50 hours a week! Having all of this extra work just to keep your business current in today’s world sounds exhausting.

We can manage your online reviews for you

Sure, there are people that you can hire to do some of this for you, but they’re very expensive; and you often cannot trust them to actually do what they say they’re going to do. Then you get ripped off and stuck in a contract with someone who isn’t actually working for you … all because you don’t understand all of that tech stuff, or you don’t have time to do it.

What if there was a way you could have someone handle ALL of that for you? Someone you could trust to do a good job? What would that outcome be?

  • Your SEO would be dialed in; allowing your customers’ searches to reach you.
  • Your business listings would be accurate and consistent on all major internet providers; making your business show up where needed.
  • Your social media would always be updated and working for you.
  • Your online reviews would be tended to by having responses to every one of them. The good ones and bad ones; minimizing future bad ones, and knocking off old bad ones.

What would THAT outcome be?!

More customers. More revenue. More time for you to focus on YOUR business

Who does all this? Rating Bee! Rating Bee allows a business to DIY all of these things easily; or they can do it all for you. Imagine being able to have someone else take the wheel of your online business management and see real, powerful results! Businesses that do all of these things; and do them well, are way more successful than ones who don’t. But they have money to hire expensive professionals, or are savvy enough to do it themselves.

Not everyone can do that. Especially small businesses that are starting out. They need all the help they can get with all the corporate giants out there monopolizing the market.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and about 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year. They need to succeed NOW, before it’s big box stores as far as the eye can see. The American dream is getting harder and harder to reach when the top company made 514.4 billion last year and they are an “everything store”. The future needs “mom and pop” stores in every town or we’ll turn into Disney’s WALL-E.

That’s where Rating Bee flies in. They’re providing a modern solution to a modern problem, and boy they are nailing it! Handling online reputation and management isn’t where it stops. They also have their own revolutionary review engine that is more fair, accurate and truthful than any other site, with new rules about writing reviews.

Rating Bee helps businesses fix online reviews

The goal is to help businesses AND customers while encouraging a positive exchange with each other; as well as help businesses thrive, and support them wherever they are with packages that any business can afford; and making a successful business within reach for all.

Rating Bee — The Better Review

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