So, what’s a bad review online?

Do more with a fair online review for businesses

Every hero knows, with great power comes great responsibility… to write fair reviews! With websites like Yelp and Google reviews, consumers have the power to make or break a business, often without knowing the repercussions. Many pro reviewers do give good reviews and when browsing Yelp, there is evidence of that fact. However, those new to reviews may not be as forgiving in their snap reviews of a business as a pro reviewer. Granted, some of these negative reviews are justified, the smart businesses see honest reviews as an opportunity to improve their business and use them as a benchmark to how the public views their business. This is why review websites like Yelp, Google, and Rating Bee are so popular.

First time reviewers have more power than your proven business, take back your power

If reviewers are compelled enough to write a review, most of the time that review will not be positive. What’s also interesting is if the reviewer on Yelp has not had many reviews or a first-time reviewer, you can almost guarantee that positive reviews will be listed within the “Not recommended” section, but if that review was negative it would certainly be listed… on the top!

Consider this, when someone wants to write a review online, it requires effort, most of the time with our busy lives, taking that 10 minutes to write that review usually is driven by something that has completely upset them enough that they would take the time to write a review about that business. Good reviews, however, happen most of the time from absolutely stellar customer service and an experience or interaction with the business that was extraordinary.

Every business has a bad day, online reviews never tell you that

But here’s something to consider, what if when a negative review is written that we take into consideration that every business; as with every person, has a bad day. No business is perfect, and no person is perfect. Situations pop up that may cause difficulties in performance in all aspects of a business. What if we gave a business the benefit of the doubt.

If you’ve had consistent meals and good service at a restaurant the last couple of times you visited, but on one occasion the wait staff was not attentive enough? Is that worth flaming the business and the years of dedicated service they have tried to provide? As a reviewer, should we not take more responsibility for making sure that we give truthful and fair reviews allowing businesses to use those honest reviews with suggestions as well? How could it be that the business has five stars for the last three years and then 3 people give a one-star rating? Explain that to the business? Could it be that the reviewer may have overreacted? How does a business fix that?

Fair online reviews for better ratings with Rating Bee

We at Rating Bee believe in fair reviews, positive or negative. We suggest to every reviewer to offer suggestions for improvement and review these businesses at Rating Bee giving the business a chance to make it right.

Rating Bee gives you the opportunity to post reviews WITH resolutions allowing the general public to see that business demonstrates their commitment to customer service and as a plus, you get your issue solved. Nice….

Yes, we have power when we make reviews, but like they say with superheroes, with great power comes great responsibility… in how you review with a little bit of consideration for the business. The business owner has spent years building that business, do they deserve the benefit of the doubt? Could it be that your issue was one of those 1 in 500 bad days?

Give small businesses a chance to correct those reviews. Resolutions on Rating Bee could save small businesses in your community. How about give a local business a good review online now?

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