Solving issues for your customer

Reviews online can be crushing to a business

We’ve all had issues with businesses, and as we’ve said before on many other Rating Bee blogs that no business is perfect. Sometimes when getting that cup of coffee every morning you expect consistency, the same faces, the same level of customer service that you’ve come to enjoy. And because you’ve been going to that business for so long you understand that there are times when they’re not perfect, so you can “cut them a little slack”.

But I wonder if we don’t do the same for those businesses that we don’t frequent all the time?

Businesses on Rating Bee focus on customer resolutions

Successful Resolutions with clients are by far the best outcome for a small business. A resolution opens the communication between the client/customer and the small business giving them a platform to solve any issue. All of these conversations occur in a private message board, however with the customer’s permission, those discussions can be made public, thus giving the business yet another opportunity to show how they handle the resolution process. Once complete, this is called a successful resolution.

Write a review for a business

Every resolution, successful and unsuccessful, is scored against the business and its rating. We take the overall score based on other reviews as well as the resolution outcomes and calculate a score. This is why you truly get the most honest review and rating possible for any business when searching on Rating Bee.

Get those issues solve today and start a resolution with a business.

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