Understanding the difference between a review and a resolution

Resolutions fix customer issues, reviews are written by your customers

Reviews are a powerful way for a customer to share their experiences with a business. Everyone is quite familiar with how reviews work, but they don’t always understand the consequences of those reviews. We’ve written several blogs sharing more insight on good and bad reviews written by customers and how it affects small businesses. We encourage you to see the Rating Bee Reviews Blog here….

Online reviews have lasting damage

Reviews being written by a customer about a business allows the business to respond to that reviewer, and try to solve the issue, however, it is not an ongoing conversation, what’s more is other customers can never know whether or not there was a resolution to a bad review. This negatively impacts a small business as the poor reviews pile up without a fix, sometimes for years within the business review profile, I’m sure you have see those bad reviews for 4 years ago on a business profile, how can that be fair?

Resolutions help solve issues before a bad review is written

Resolutions on the other hand give the customer an opportunity to communicate with the business about an issue and in turn also gives a small business a chance to solve that issue. We generate every successfully completed resolution and we share this information with the public allowing them to see a history of that small business doing their part to solve the issue for their customers. Every business wants to demonstrate their commitment to customer service, resolutions give them a way to do just that.

What’s more, a business can generate a resolution for a bad review on other websites such as Yelp and Google by simply creating a resolution from their Premium account and posting that resolution ID within the answer for any bad reviews anywhere and on any review site. This gives any other customer reading those reviews a clear indication that the business has reached out to the reviewer leaving a negative review and is offering an opportunity to solve that issue, publicly. Nice…

Rating Bee brings customers and businesses together solving issues

Now you see why it’s so important and why we stress resolutions for small business. Our entire business model is built around bringing the customer to the small business and opening the lines of communication allowing them to resolve negative issues and posting those successful results publicly. What better way is there for a small business to demonstrate their commitment to their customers?

Go beyond just a review

If you are a business and you’re just answering reviews, you are losing the opportunity to not just get better reviews and higher ratings but return customers. Your customer base is everything, start resolving issues with them and keep your customers and find new ones who see your reviews. Better review ratings are waiting, get started here by claiming your business.

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