Why Rating Bee, and how does it help my business?

First… Why the need to change online reviews?

Online reviews for small businesses suck. Yup, I said it! The biggest problem in the review industry is that reviews are not fair to the business and quite frankly are not trustworthy to other customers. Many bad reviews are not at all relevant, not vetted, and sometimes are nothing more than competitors spamming your business. These reviews are not being analyzed properly by the review companies when leaving a bad review.

Worst of all, reviewers use reviews today as a weapon to terrorize a business. Some reviews are simply a 1 word or 1 sentence review with 1 star… “Terrible service”, “Hated it” or “…” and 1 star, really? How does that help a business get better? These types of reviews are no different than someone tagging your neighborhood walls with street graffiti. It does nothing for your community, the businesses, or your neighborhood. For smaller businesses or startups it could be crushing. There has to be a way for BOTH the business AND the customer to help each other with reviews that are FAIR, informative and reliable reviews. So…

Rating Bee is the most relevant online review website online

Reviewers can leave reviews and request resolutions to their issues from your business.

Why do businesses need Rating Bee?


We help your business cleanup bad reviews and allow you to easily manage all reviews ongoing from the major review websites. Rating Bee harnesses the power of the community using fair practices to enhance the review process allowing a customer to get resolutions to issues. Rating Bee uses BOTH good and negative reviews to help a business get better, thus making the reviewer a hero in guiding a business to getting better over each review.

Accountability for both the reviewer and the business:

The Reviewer leaving a review
  • Ensuring that negative reviews are not just flames but are actually relative to the issue.
  • Adding to every review an opportunity to share how the business can be better and can fix the issue for future customers. Reviewers can also track the progress of an issue with the business ongoing.
  • All requests contain a Resolution tracking ID with an incident time stamp for timely resolutions
  • Negative 1 & 2 star reviews are posted for 1 Year and must be renewed by the reviewer yearly or that bad review is removed.
  • Reviewers can reach out to moderators for assistance with reviews or resolutions
  • Once the issue is solved, reviews can choose to make the resolution public benefiting the business and making the reviewer a SuperHero and allowing for an updated rating of the business!

The Business receiving and managing reviews

  • Every business is protected by the Rating Bee Fair Review Act Policy, protecting not just customers but the reputation of the businesses as well
  • ALL reviews below 3 stars are reviewed by a Rating Bee Moderator to help eliminate bogus or unfair reviews
  • If a business suspects a review is bogus the review can be flagged
  • Every Rating Bee Business Listing is vetted making sure a resolution or review is never dormant
  • Every business has a rating which is scored not just on reviews, but also based on their dedication and commitment to your customer service. Basically a business that does not respond to a review or resolution is ranked accordingly, however, businesses want to solve your issue before you leave a bad review
  • All responses by the business are made available in a private dashboard allowing for the protection of not just the conversation in progress, but also for the privacy of the reviewer and business.
  • Only Reviewers can choose to make public their reviews and resolutions
  • All business listings are optimized for Google and will bring more traffic and better customer conversions

Claim your FREE business listing here on Rating Bee to begin getting better reviews online. You’ll get better SEO, Rankings and enhance customer service for your client and customers.

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